Morrisons The Best Deep Filled Mince Pies Review (2021)

We've tried numerous mince pies from Morrisons and this year their The Best Deep Filled Mince Pies are perfectly fine. Made with all butter pastry, these dense pies include brandy and cider-infused mincemeat for a less-than-traditional taste. While sitting at 33p per pie, these certainly won't break the bank this Christmas but also won't excite many, either.

However if you are looking for something that tastes a bit different without being too strange, these pies have an interesting apple cider mincemeat that might be just what you're looking for.

1. Mincemeat

As expected with The Best Deep Filled mince pies, there's a good amount of mincemeat. However the "fresh’" raisins/sultanas that burst takes away from the richness you expect from a Christmas mince pie, but does make it feel lighter.

What sets these pies apart from typical mince pies is the inclusion of apple and cider in the mixture. This combination makes them feel less stuffy and filling than regular mince pies, but does miss that traditional "mince pie" flavour you may be looking for. If you want a pie that has a different taste than the usual, these could be a good choice for you.

2. Pastry

The pastry on The Best Deep Filled Mince pies is extremely dense, to the point that the pastry nearly turns crunchy. We've certainly tried worse mince pie pastry, but this isn't all that great, either. Ideally you'd aim for a pastry that's light and complementary to the mincemeat, but this pastry feels way too dense.

3. Taste

Overall these are deep-filled mince pies are adequately fine. They are nicely topped and dusted with sugar which give them a distinctively Christmas feel. While the mincemeat has a less-than traditional taste with the addition of extra apple and cider-infused mincemeat, it might be something different that you're looking for.

Morrisons The Best Deep Filled Mince Pies: Final Verdict

Overall these pies are fine. As a side note, the flimsy tray that hold the pies means you can’t pick it up or pass it around at Christmas. It's certainly not vital, but also a tad annoying. The box is fine as well but doesn't scream Christmas. Tiffany blue? Morrisons, what were you thinking?

At the end of the day, these pies are densely filled, taste fine, extremely cheap and accessible just about everywhere. If you need some mince pies in a hurry, these are certainly acceptable but don't expect too much from them.