M&S Collection Mince Pies Review (2021)

These mince pies have maintained their modest price of 42p/ea for five years now, and only keep getting better.  Similar to last year, but with toning down the boozey flavour in the mincemeat (too much if you ask me) they’re still our favourite pie that’s easily available and affordable.

M&S is always a staple of many ‘luxury’ goods but we certainly find the ratio of price to quality is especially high here, beating out every other similarly priced supermarket mince pie, and often some rarer more ‘artisan’ fare too.

If you’re hungry for a classic this Christmas, Marks and Spencer’s Collection Mince Pie is the one we recommend, scoring top marks in all categories.

M&S Collection Mince Pies Cross Section

1. Mincemeat

The M&S Collection mince pies have found that perfect ratio of mincemeat to pastry, making sure each bite is fulfilling. These pies do not bring anything new to the table, but maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for. The boozy and fruity flavours of the mincemeat is classic, bringing back memories of Christmas.

However, don’t confuse these Collection pies with Marks and Spencers Classic mince pie. The Collection pies are in fact, much better in every category.

2. Pastry

Flakey, light and delicious, the Collection mince pie pastry is exactly as it should be. The pie itself is quite thick, but the buttery pastry is the perfect ratio for all the mincemeat. It doesn’t get lost in the mix but plays a vital role instead.

3. Taste

The Collection mince pies are downright beautiful. How could you eat one when it looks like that? Answer: you can. And they are delicious. These pies have beautiful snowflake designs on the top, raising them visually above other pies (but they also taste great, too)

The box itself is a step above regular mince pies, which really sets the scene. The navy and gold box elevates the product with a classic font on the front. It even has an open-panel window so you can see the pies and their intricate snowflake designs. Mouthwatering! If you need a pie to impress someone, these are the best option.

M&S Collection Mince Pies on Table

M&S Collection Mince Pies: Final Verdict

Marks and Spencers mince pies live up to the brand's reputation and we couldn't recommend the collection mince pies any higher. Dense gooey filling, not too boozy as to offend grandma or the kids, sweet buttery short pastry, and an excellent refined presentation make these a mince pie not to be missed this year.

Perfect for an indulgent snack, or for taking to a loved one's as a snack — anyone you share these M&S Collection mince pies with will duly be impressed.