Official Mince Pie Rating Scorecard

If there’s one thing we know, it’s mince pies. And if there’s any way to get to a consistent and accurate mince pie rating, it’s with a quantifiable and completely not-subjective scorecard.

Our scorecard (downloadable below) contains the five distinct and most important categories we think mince pies should be rated on. Everything else is just overcomplicating things. Any one category might be enough to let the entire pie down, and without a good score in each of these five simple categories will ensure a mince pie is never truly great.

Feel free to upload your scorecard to Twitter or Instagram and share your results with your friends (who may or may not have the same opinion as you) and share the gift of good Mincies.

Mince Pie Rating Scorecard by Mr Mince Pie

If you’re unsure where to start on your mince pie journey, we recommend starting with our top 5 list here.

Mr Mince Pies is the source for in-depth mince pie reviews.  We’re just getting started, so please bear with us and check back regularly for updates!