ASDA Mince Pies

Asda Basic Mince Pie

Want a decent mince pie without spending nearly anything? ASDA Mince Pies have got you covered.

1. Mincemeat
ASDA isn’t playing around – These pies are thick. There’s loads of mincemeat for those who really like a thick pie. These pies are definitely not short on fruity Christmas flavour. ASDA mince pies aren’t special, that’s for sure, but they definitely don’t skimp on the mincemeat.

2. Pastry
The pastry on these thick pies are fine. Nothing too exciting, but not terrible, either. The pastry is quite thin compared to the amount of mincemeat, so it feels like the ratio isn’t quite perfect. Either way, it’s a perfectly acceptable pie.

3. Presentation
ASDA Mince Pies look just as you expect: A respectable size and presentation. You won’t be wooing anyone with these pies, but they aren’t offensive, either.

The packaging leaves much to be desired, but what it lacks in style, it makes up in price. With one of the cheapest price per pie ratios, you can get a lot of bang with your buck. Just don’t expect too much. If you want a higher quality pie from ASDA, there are definitely other options for a few pence more.

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